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Your First Visit

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Your First Appointment Experience

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Preparing for Your First Visit

Your First Appointment Experience

Upon your arrival at Seneca Family Dentistry, our friendly team will warmly welcome you to our practice. During your initial visit, our primary goal is to gain a comprehensive understanding of your dental health. This may involve gathering your health history, conducting x-rays, evaluating your gum health, and performing a thorough physical examination of your mouth. Additionally, our skilled hygienists will provide a professional dental cleaning, effectively removing stains and plaque buildup to leave your smile looking and feeling refreshed.

Following your cleaning, you'll have the opportunity to engage with Dr. Tanaka. He'll carefully review your dental records, examine your X-rays, and assess the overall status of your oral health. If there are any areas of concern, Dr. Tanaka will discuss them with you and present suitable treatment options. In some instances, we may even be able to address your dental needs during the same visit. Your comfort and understanding are paramount to us, so please don't hesitate to ask questions about your oral health or proposed treatment plan – we're here to ensure that you're well-informed and actively involved in your dental care journey.

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Making Your First Visit Memorable

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