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Convenient Scheduling!

Are you having trouble fitting your family’s dental care into your busy schedule? We can help you at Seneca Family Dentistry. We understand that school, work, sports and other activities can make it difficult to keep up with your routine dental appointments. Therefore, our office proudly offers extended weekday hours and Saturday appointments to ensure your schedule does not stand in the way of taking care of your smile.

We value the importance of providing convenient and comfortable dental care to patients of all ages. When dental problems get ignored or routine cleanings get skipped, it can result in serious oral health problems that can disrupt your smile comfort and aesthetics. However, by keeping up with your recommended dental appointments, we can often detect problems at their earliest stage and protect our patients from more costly and painful complications in the future. With our convenient scheduling options, we give you the opportunity to address your smile concerns at a time that works best for you.


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