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Periodontal Therapy

A beautiful smile and healthy body rely on the health of your gums. At Seneca Family Dentistry, we pursue excellence when it comes to periodontal therapy. We have an experienced dental team who knows how to detect gum disease at its earliest stages, making your periodontal treatments more conservative and more effective. Without general dental care, gum disease can jeopardize your smile as well as threaten your overall health. Heart disease, stroke, diabetes and premature births have been linked to the presence of advanced gum disease. Therefore, to help patients avoid the disruptive and serious consequences of gum disease, our Wichita practice is equipped to offer top quality periodontal therapy. As always, your dental treatments will be performed in a comfortable environment using the latest technology that modern dentistry has to offer.

Gum Infection Treatment

Periodontal disease refers to an infection of the gums. While early gum disease, or gingivitis, may only produce red or puffy gums, this inflammation can progress to periodontitis if left untreated. During advanced gum disease, the gums recede from the teeth and form deep pockets of tissue that harbor food debris and bacteria. This facilitates an infection that can not only destroy the surrounding bone but also enter your bloodstream to affect your overall health. The good news, however, is that early gum disease is easily reversed with gum infection therapy from your dentist. Proper oral hygiene habits and certain lifestyle changes can help you prevent gum disease in the future.

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